Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mass Produced Fuel Cells Needed Now

President-Elect Obama could make this a condition of bailing out the car industry with taxpayer monies; while the big three auto makers in America fall into financial distress, maybe they wouldn't have been in this bind had they pursued making fuel cell technology a viable entity...what is a fuel cell you ask?
A fuel cell works like a battery, except it doesn't require recharging and does not run down:
A fuel cell consists of two electrodes sandwiched around an electrolyte. Oxygen passes over one electrode and hydrogen over the other, generating electricity, water and heat.Hydrogen fuel is fed into the "anode" of the fuel cell. Oxygen (or air) enters the fuel cell through the cathode. Encouraged by a catalyst, the hydrogen atom splits into a proton and an electron, which take different paths to the cathode. The proton passes through the electrolyte. The electrons create a separate current that can be utilized before they return to the cathode, to be reunited with the hydrogen and oxygen in a molecule of water. A fuel cell system which includes a "fuel reformer" can utilize the hydrogen from any hydrocarbon fuel - from natural gas to methanol, and even gasoline. Since the fuel cell relies on chemistry and not combustion, emissions from this type of a system would still be much smaller than emissions from the cleanest fuel combustion processes. (source:


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